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The core of the Studio Santoro’s activity was, and remains, fiscal law combined with corporate finance.
The consulting areas are increased in response to the changes in the clients’ legal problems.

The following themes progressively become part of the mission:

  • international trade
  • copyright and patents
  • national and Community credit facilities
  • securitisation of assets
  • labour law

The firm’s service

Starting from a consolidated experience in specialistic techniques for the maximisation of fiscal, financial and operational savings, the primary service offered by the Studio Santoro is – in full compliance with the law – the guarantee of competitiveness for the enterprise, rationalisation of economic management, simplification of bureaucratic procedures.


The single services offered by Studio Santoro stand out for their:

Quality, efficiency, effectiveness, and keeping to the agreed budget.


With the same logic the Studio Santoro informs foreign clients and colleagues on the most important normative novelties through an English-language newsletter. It deals with the most frequent questions daily by its clients through its own house organ: Forum – Idee di Pianificazione.

Professional methods

It is the responsibility of a partner in the firm to handle all the problems concerning each single client. In fact, he is at the head of a team in charge of providing the requested assistance.

There is a close collaboration with the consultants Or law firms of the client companies. In some cases multidisciplinary groups are formed, flanked, if necessary, by experts connected with the Studio Santoro operating in specific professional sectors and areas of activity.

The activity of collaboration that the Studio Santoro has carried on for years with major foreign professional firms all over the world, which are generally able to communicate in Italian, is extremely intense.

The legal network