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In the many years of activity, the firm has arranged for its customers dozens of business and financial plans supplementing their work with the examination of aspects of civil, administrative and criminal penalties that could interact in the realization of these plans.

This assistance has been provided for many years with the support of qualified law firms with which Studio Santoro cooperated. This has often created some discontent with clients, as these important aspects were, in fact, not provided by Studio Santoro, to which they were entrusted, but by structures, although very skilled, not chosen by the clients.

This difficulty was acknowledged. Since Studio Santoro had not trained Professionals in this legal area, Prof. Enrico Santoro turned to Studio Mancusi with which he had worked over the years and which had the necessary expertise. Studio Mancusi could assume direct responsibility for providing the highest quality work in this area.

The next step was the creation of the Studio Santoro-Mancusi, associating Professor Santoro and the partners of the firm Mancusi on an equal footing.

Final enlargement followed of the professional areas of Studio Santoro: civil, criminal and administrative.