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Financial Consulting

The firm develops restructuring plans aimed at improving company management and optimizing flows and procedures. In practice this includes examining all opportunities for financial support on domestic and international markets. Where deemed useful we help clients find temporary or permanent financial partners. These services are provided after developing a business plan that shows cash flow of revenue for re-imbursement of funds borrowed.

Banking & Finance

The firm has extensive experience in all aspects of banking and finance. It offers advice to its clients for “acquisition finance” operations, loans to businesses principally engaged in manufacturing, real estate and construction as well as of venture capital operations and project finance and securitization.

Regarding project financing, the firm has extensive experience both as a Legal Advisor to the financial advisor and to the sponsoring promoter.

The firm is able to provide a broad measure of assistance in acquisition transactions that take place both in Italy and abroad. This assistance is extended to business groups and financial institutions in leveraged and management buyouts, joint ventures, in private equity and venture capital operations, in spin-offs and all unusual corporate finance transactions.

The firm has considerable experience in the privatization process, both in Italy and abroad.

The activities carried out by the professionals of the firm include preparation of opinions and development of case law on a wide range of banking and financial transactions:

  1. funding in the so-called “Pool”; issuing of guarantees in support of the claim; issuing letters of credit, project finance transactions (see above), structured finance transactions, securitization transactions.

With regard to private equity operations, the firm has fiduciary relationships with leading Italian and foreign funds, placing alternately in front of the subject which requires the intervention of the Fund as the legal of the Company or as the Company target’s.

In the context of banking, the firm is able to provide the most comprehensive assistance through specific advice in the following areas:

  • asset management, management of trust funds, investments, insurance, real estate.

Finance Incentives

The system of incentives in Italy has reached a high level of maturity.

Over the last few years it has shifted from a set of indiscriminate interventions that served as a simple financial support, to organic interventions of some complexity administered and implemented by different actors, depending on the source law: there are incentives provided via the EU, national and regional laws.

In any case the system is a real tool of support for investment programs, capable of increasing company competitiveness.

It provides access to get low-interest loans, grants, interest subsidies and other fiscal incentives. These provisions, in rapid evolution, are embedded in a fabric of tools that allow companies to access overseas markets by seeking partners and launching industrial and/or commercial joint ventures.

Studio Santoro provides financial advice in particular :

– Funding for Research & Development (FIT, FAR, innovation contracts, etc.),

– Financing internationalization (SIMEST, EIB, etc. ..);

– Measures managed by Invitalia (relaunching industrial areas L. 181/89, entrepreneurship legislative Decree 185/2000, Development Contracts DM 24/09/201, etc..).

The service is provided throughout the procedure and is divided into several phases, from preliminary feasibility to the design of the funding request, as well as support for project implementations and reporting .

The firm offers support in the search for technological and commercial partners.


For every company, of any size, public or private, transparent budget choices is a source of prestige and excellence. Hence the importance of adopting effective cost accounting methods, smart policy budget and management control, careful methods of financial analysis and fiscal indicators. Consistency, reliability and impeccable accounts are matters for the experts of the Studio Santoro.

Corporate Finance

The focus of this activity is the identification and management of subsidized funds that States and Groups of States make available for the most dynamic companies. Access to these funds involves the submission of projects and documentations needed for the loan granting process. Preparing applications is complex, as is sourcing of various alternative financing well known by the experts from Studio Santoro.

European Community

The firm is able to advise on loans granted directly by the EU Institutions, which can be accessed through the participation of local authorities; on changes of legal applicant, in accordance with the EU legislation, even if not transposed into national legislation, on education and training in management excellence, training plans, resource management and research on every aspect of Community legislation on company law and corporate governance. Specialists in Community law are also able to provide assistance in litigation relating to refusal of funding, or to emerging issues in corporate governance as a result of the non- or improper alignment of legislation with Community law.